Space Poem Challenge!

Dear Class 1 and Class 2

I have loved hearing all of your fantastic space poems this week!

Here is another idea for you to show your family at home how you can write amazing poems!

Can you write your own acrostic style poem? Remember all of the poems we have looked at this week to help you.






If you’ve had a try at this space one, why not try making up your own? I would love to read some of your poems on the blog and share them with your class.

Good luck little astronauts!


Happy New Year

Hello Children

Happy New Year everyone. I missed you while you were away for Christmas and New Year. It was such fun seeing you when you returned. Your phonics lessons have been going great and I know you are all working hard for Mr Hughes, Miss Mulhern, Mrs Walker and Miss Pickard.

For your first challenge of 2014 I would like you to try and find things in the supermarket that use split vowels. Remember, there are 5 different split vowels (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e) but some are more popular than others. Let me know what you find on the shelves supermarket

November challenge 2013

I hope you have all had a good 2 weeks off school and not eaten too many sweets on Halloween.

On my planet we don’t celebrate Halloween, so it’s been very strange for me seeing lots of children dressed up in costumes.

When I looked at the words ‘sweets’ and ‘Halloween’ I noticed they both have the long e digraph and I know that some of you have been learning this with Miss Mulhern and Mrs Walker in your phonics groups.

I want to make list of words that you know with the long e digraph – remember there are different ways to make that sound (ee, ea, ey, y, e, e-e). When you are walking to school, or in the car, or doing the shopping look at the things around you and try to find some things that use the phoneme.

Don’t forget to let me know the word and where you saw it.

See you all in phonics soon


Egberts first challenge 2013

Hello everyone


Hopefully you have all seen me now in your phonics lessons, I have spotted you all working ever so hard and practising your phonics in your writing.

My spaceship crash landed at Middleton and I am just starting to learn how to spell and use my phonics to help me read.

Can you help me?

I want to find some words that start with the phoneme ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘th’.  On your way home from school try to find some different things that start with these sounds and you can let me know on here.

Happy hunting!

Egbert the Alien

Happy new year

Happy New Year to all my Year 1 Earthling friends.
I hope you had a lovely 2 weeks holiday and saw lots of exciting things.
Here is a link to a website that I know you have used in the classroom with your teachers. If you would like to play the game at home with your parents then let me know how you get on. We have been working on ‘phase 5’ words with Mr Hughes & Miss Mulhern, ‘phase 4’ words with Miss Pickard and ‘phase 2 & 3’ with Mrs Walker and Mrs Unjohn.
I will be checking on the Internet for dime more phonics games that you can play at home.
Good luck everyone.

Weekend Challenge #4

I have been really busy over the weekend.  I took a photograph to show you all.

Can you write a sentence to tell me what you think I have been doing?

Don’t forget to include all the things your teacher has taught you about writing a sentence:

  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • connectives OOO
  • WOW words
  • bear words
  • finger spaces

I can’t wait to read your sentences.